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Hello. Thank you for writing.

We research and answer general health questions, we cannot advise treatment or surgery for anyone. Your sister should see her GYN for a thorough examination in order to find out the cause of the bleeding. Some causes of vaginal bleeding/pain during sex include:

-Friction during sex or not enough lubrication
-Normal uterine bleeding if you're just beginning your period or if it’s just ended
-A cervical or vaginal infection
-Genital sores caused by herpes or another condition
-A precancerous cervical spot
-Cervical ectropion (when the inner lining of the cervix pokes through the cervical opening and grows on the vaginal side of the cervix)
-Pelvic organ prolapse (when pelvic organs, like the bladder or uterus, jut beyond the vaginal walls)
-Cancer of the cervix, vagina, or uterus


July 21, 2018 - 4:52am


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