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Hello Anon

Thank you for writing!

We can't quantify women's sexual preferences and you shouldn't either. All these numbers per week! Get a number out of your head and date for friendship and company first and then see what happens. If you start talking numbers and days per week, women will balk. Who wants to have that kind of conversation? Let things progress naturally.

With time hopefully you will meet a woman who is compatible with your physical needs. You haven't said anything about what else you have to offer and seem only interested in your own sexual needs so if sex is your only interest, many 50+ women won't be interested. They have gone beyond the procreational stage and for some, their hormones aren't screaming for sex. They are also pretty well-evolved and enjoy travel, conversation, the arts, sports and more. They want more in a relationship than sex.

But this isn't the case for all women, to be sure. Some may have physical needs that need to be met, while getting other needs met elsewhere. Dating isn't easy for any generation. Trial and error is pretty common until you find a suitable date. You need to read body language as well as listen. I wish you luck and I'm sure you will find a good match soon. Just don't start dating with a set of math-based sexual requirements!


November 27, 2018 - 3:51pm


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