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Hello Anon

Thank you for writing.

As I am almost 49 myself, I understand the changes you are going through.

What is unfair about getting older is that women need to reduce their calories and exercise more in order to just maintain their normal weight. To lose weight, they need to drastically cut calories.

I follow the 5:2 diet, consuming 1500 meaningful calories five days a week and about 500-800 meaningful calories two non-consecutive days per week. This is called Intermittent Fasting and is considered to be a very healthy way of eating (as long as you don't have health issues that could be exacerbated with dieting).

You can look up the 5:2 diet online. It's not easy on the low calorie days as I work long hours and am very active but it certainly maintains my weight and eliminates belly fat.

Sensible eating is key and keeping calories under 1800 per day. Exercise is also helpful. Maintaining a healthy weight during and after menopause is a lot of common sense and sacrifice. Keep calories healthy and move!

A nutritionist can help you further if you feel you need more help and accountability.

Good luck!

December 10, 2018 - 3:52pm


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