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Many women use tampons safely, with no incident. Toxic Shock Syndrome is rare. It develops when staphylococci bacteria in the vagina enter the bloodstream. Most cases of tampon-related TSS are a result of using tampon products that have the highest absorbency and/or leaving them in for too long.

Follow these safety tips:

Always use the lowest possible absorbency tampon for your flow, using different absorbency levels at different points in your period if need be. Tampon products use the standard Light, Regular, Super, and Super Plus labeling, according to FDA guidelines for absorbency.

Change tampons at least every four to eight hours, and avoid wearing one to bed unless you plan on waking during the night to change it. When your flow is light, use the lightest absorbency tampons or consider sanitary napkins or mini pads.

Never use tampons for vaginal discharge, or any other reason, between menstrual cycles.


March 17, 2019 - 4:05pm


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