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Hi everyone!

I've been thinking about what I do for relieving stress, and thought I'd share; I'm curious if anyone else does this too?

Usually when I'm *most* stressed out, it has to do with my attitude. Of course, this realization comes after I've placed the blame on everything and everyone else first: my husband, toddler, work, mother, friend, undone chores, traffic or other "unavoidable-outside-force-that- is-taking-my-last-ounce-of-energy-and-patience-

I attempt a new thought process: if "everything" and "everyone" are the culprits, that the common denominator, the one thing that is present in all the above, the one thing that is really causing the stress is: me!

Once that happens, I then have to:
1) apologize to aforementioned "everyone's"
2) give hugs & kisses to "everyone" (this helps with de-stressing!!)
3) Read a few pages in my favorite pro-female book

I have found a few authors I love, who are positive, inspiring women, and they usually have a few chapters that I can read quickly, and provide the reassurance I need to validate that I am a good mother, employee, wife, daughter, friend...and the list goes on.... :-)

Who are the good, positive, inspiring female authors that you all read?

February 7, 2008 - 3:33pm


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