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Without knowing the health risks or consequences of the vaccine for women in this age range; assuming it is the same for girls and women ages 9-26 (as vaccine is FDA-approved for this age range), I would say "why not?" approve and recommend this vaccine for "older" women. It is a recommendation, not a requirement, so women have a CHOICE.

As far as I see it, women (and men!) are getting married later in life, are not waiting until marriage to have sexual relationships (please don't forget: some folks do not choose to become married, or are not legally able to be married) ...all of these are potential factors in an increase of sexual partners and, therefore, an increased risk for HPV.

This is a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.. it's an amazing discovery in our lifetime!!

And, may I add, with all this "hoopla" surrounding Spitzer and prostitution (I have noticed way-too-many TV "news" shows discussing the prostitution topic): being married or in a committed relationship (read my post regarding monogamous relationships: serial or mutual) is not a 100% guarantee that the woman is protected from acquiring an STI (sexually transmitted infection).

March 20, 2008 - 12:53pm


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