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I agree, these types of games don't really promote intellectual conversation or connectedness with friends, but rather, competition. And not the good competition where each "team" becomes stronger from the game itself, but it sounds like it was a competition of "who's better", and that was realized by "who's better at acting" than the other.

It's frustrating that when misinformation is perpetuated (like a woman having an orgasm from being kissed on the neck by her husband, and multiple other women having this experience too is hard to believe), that other husbands wonder why it takes THEIR wife 20 minutes to reach an orgasm...he thinks it's WORK...and that there may be something less "sexual" about his wife. I just re-read what I wrote, and I don't like talking in such generalities and stereotypes, but I do "feel" what Michelle went through during that game; women trying to out "sexualize" each other, instead of truthfully talking about sex. Even humorously talking about it taking 5 hours to reach orgasm would be better than saying, "just a mere peck and... pow"! And, most likely, most of the women participating in that game (statistically speaking) are not able to reach orgasm, which might make them feel really awful. And, I'm sure there were plenty of questions that made the men feel sexually inadequate, too.

But, the good thing is...games like this can help people talk about sex, and maybe each couple was more likely to continue the conversation in private (hopefully, not continuing the fabrication, though!)

March 22, 2008 - 12:37pm


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