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God, I thought I was going mad trying to figure out why at 43 my night sweats are getting worse. Like the article says I change at least 4 times a night and then eventually have a large towel under me and on top of me to soak up the sweat but then during the day I am very cold. I am also have a terrible time with a bad yeast infection which is so debilating, thrush in my nose, throat, vaginal and possibly anus due to the itch. I have been treated with sporonox on a regular basis and cantesen which only give me relief for a couple of weeks and then it starts all over again. My husband is convinced that when I got my tonsils removed at 39 and with all the heavy duty antibiotics is messed up my immune system thus constanct yeast infections. I am constantly exhausted with no energy and on a yo-yo diet of trying to watch what I eat or drink. I rarely have alcohol (possibly 6 drinks a year) as it triggers a very bad attack two weeks later. Again I went back to my doctor early March and had another batch of blood tests which revealed that there is nothing wrong with me. I got him to test for hormonal levels, diabetes (as my mother has the condition), thryroid gland activity, kidney function and white blood cell count (to show any infection), all normal. There has to be something wrong as I feel miserable with the night sweats, yeast infection, tummy bloating, fatigue, irritability and the bleeding vaginal lesions, intermittent stabbing pains in my bottom, lower back, swollen abdomen and constant pressure on the bladder. So am I going mad or is there hope out there. Starting my starvation diet tomorrow to clear out my system again so I might some relief for a few weeks before it starts all over again unless somebody has any tips ???

April 29, 2010 - 2:04pm


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