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My Darling Groom insists that his horrible, gravely cough is due to bronchitis or allergies. I think not. He has been a smoker longer than I've known him and I see no quitting in his immediate future. That's because he doesn't really have the will to quit.

I don't know what will be his wake up call. He watched his mother die of lung cancer. He saw my grandfather suffer with emphysema, the result of years of exposure to asbestos while an engineer in the Navy shipyards. His best friend died of lung cancer, and he, too, always chalked his constant coughing to bronchitis and allergies.

How do you help incite a person at risk to action to save his/her lungs, if there's still a chance? Should it really take an act of Congress?

April 8, 2008 - 4:54pm


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