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I'm happy for you. However, my story doesn't have such a great outcome. I. fought from 1998 to 2004 to get an endo to listen to me. In 2004 to 2006 Dr. Ludlam (While at OHSU) repeatedly tested and finally diagnosed me w/cyclic cushings. I had unsuccessful pit surgery by Dr. Jho in Pitts., PA in 10/06. We knew immed that it was not a cure. Still, in order to have a 2nd surgery, I had to go through testing w/Dr. Ludlam at Swedish in Seattle. During the year and a half testing, I had a heart arrest after a minor surgery due to medical malpractice which the hospital admits too. I was repeatedly overdosed on pain meds causing the arrest. In 06/08 Dr. Ludlam again called to tell me I had Cushing's but he will not put this in writing because he is afraid of liability if I have any issues in the surgery. Therefor, w/out the written diag. the surgeon will not perform the surgery. I have had an ECCO, my heart is strong. The arrest was simply overdose drug induced. Dr. Ludlam has told me not to contact his office anymore and I am no longer a patient -I've been dumped by him. So, I have a diagnosis and have apparently become an untouchable due to Dr. Ludlam's ignorance of the situation and he said and I quote," I don't want to hear you've had surgery w/general anes w/out any problems since the M.I. or whatever you had." How insensitive and uncaring can a doctor get? Kathleen Rayo

November 19, 2008 - 9:45pm


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