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I had the same stage 3 diagnosis after having "no signficiant findings" in 2003 on my "Happy Gram" mammography report - Just two months prior to my stage 3C breat cancer diagnosis - 13 of 18 lymph nodes positive for cancer.
I have dense breast tissue and for many women like me, mammograms have limitations - cannot find the cancer as cancer apprears white on a mammogram and cancer is white = no contrast to detect the cancer. Did anyone in the medical community inform me of this fatal flaw in the early detection of breast cancer? No - that is why I have been on a campaign since 2004 to inform women of dense breast cancer and its signficance. It is too late to help me - but not for other women. Early detection is the key to surviving this disease.
We have passed legislation in CT which mandates that insurance companies pay for whole breast ultrasounds for women with dense tissue and we are now working to pass a law so that women are informed of their breast density, its risk factor, through their mammography report so that women can make an informed decision about further screenings.
I excercise daily and do all I can do to prevent recurrence - have a ultrasound twice a year in both the "good" and the removed breast, take my vitamins and supplements and medication, maintain a healthy and positive attitude and the rest is up to God.

May 3, 2008 - 7:34am


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