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Hi Nancy123,

First, and foremost, it's so great that you are advocating for your friend. I need to get you some information on women who are more prone to breast cancer because of family history. There is a lot of research on this topic. Yet, there are many more women that develop breast cancer that have no family history at all.

I'm sure given the family history, she must be terrified. That's why we need to help her sort this out. Sooner, then later. There's a genetic test that she can have done. It's called the Braca gene test. Let's get her some information on the test. We will also want to know how accurate the test is. And whether or not she should just take the test with out revealing her identity and just pay for it herself, if she can.

Also, if she lives in Arizona, one of the top breast surgeons is in, Phoenix. His name is Dr. Larry Zannis. He would be a great doctor for her to speak with. He comes with the highest recommendations. The women that I have sent to him absolutely, love him. He will spend a lot of time explaining everything you should know. He is one of the top..what EmpowHer would call a "Rock Star" Doc.

Then, there is always T-Gen. These female research/scientists are doing amazing research in the breast cancer area. I will get you the top researchers name on Monday, when I'm back in the office. I am so impressed with what they are doing.

I will email one Dr. Jay Harness and ask him what he thinks should be her first steps.

Also, I would recommend her checking with the U of A Cancer Institute. Dr. Dave Alberts. I believe he sees patients up here at Scottsdale North on Shea. He is one of the best. He is so kind and caring and he is very, very well respected as being one of the premiere breast cancer docs in the country.

This will give you a good starting point for your friend.

I'm not a doctor, Nancy. And I cannot endorse any doctor. We are just trying to help women find the best resources available to them, in their area.

I'll be back in touch.

Best in health,


April 26, 2008 - 2:18pm


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