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Dear Optimist, (love your screen name)

You are so right about our ears. We actually had a doctor friend who passed away from melanoma that went undiagnosed on his left ear. He was very athletic and only wore a baseball cap and I'm sure he never protected his ears with sunscreen.

I never go out without a wide, wide, brimmed hat, either! Such a great idea. The sun is so bad for our skin, period. If you want to look younger, we all know you need to stay out of the skin anyway.

Can you tell me if you have a special sunscreen you can recommend to the community? Any particular SPF?

Also, any brand of hat that you find works better for you?

Some hats are so awkward to take on a trip and there are some new hats that have news ways to protect your face as well as your ears that actually fold flat in your bag. Not the prettiest hats I've seen. But very effective.

Thanks for sharing this information. It's such a great "health tip". You should consider submitting it to our "Gift of Giving" contest. Just click the link below....

You could win a $2,500 gift certificate to Tiffany's and more.

Good luck!


April 26, 2008 - 2:33pm


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