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that breastfeeding is better. Why would formula companies research and advertise new innovations that make their formula closer to breastmilk if it wasn't?

Not only are there clear benefits to the babies, but a woman stands a decreased risk of breast cancer and other health issues if she nurses.

These things are not intended to offend anyone. They are facts. We can choose to be offended by them, but it doesn't change them.

All that said, I did not breastfeed my first, I stopped at about 5 months with my second and I pumped for about two months with my 3rd. I am not an avid breastfeeder myself. Do I feel guilty or horrible? Of course not. I made what I believed were the best choices for me and my family, even in light of the statistical truths. No one is saying anyone must breastfeed, but it IS the healthier choice for both mothers and babies.

April 30, 2008 - 4:26pm


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