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I think that everyone is different. I breastfed three of my four babies. The first baby did not get breastfed and cried for three months. My other babies were happy and content and so was I. It was easier for me to get up and put that precious child to my breast rather than getting up, going to the kitchen, making a bottle, heating it up, and finally feeding an already screaming baby. It is just up to you. I will say one more thing to you--if you are going to breast feed, please, please, please, get a breast feeding book called "Breast Feeding & You" and read it. You must prepare your nipples as babies suck harder than you think. You don't want a crying baby and a crying mommy. It really helps to "tuffin up."

Hope this helps someone out there.

May 20, 2008 - 6:57am


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