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I love my mom more than I can express. She is an amazing a person and one that has really helped shape who I am today not too mention who I am becoming. About 20 years ago I was in a serious car accident and was taken to the Hospital in an ambulance. Within minutes of arriving there my mom arrived there to make sure her "baby" was alright. I was a bit shaken up but was never happier to see her. Not sure what it is but when I'm in trouble, hurt or sick I always feel better when my mom is with me. It does not matter if I'm 4, 14 or 44, my mom can always make me feel better and secure.

One of my mom's favorite sayings is " Life is a bowl of cherries but most damn fools are starving" this sums my mom's outlook on life perfectly and trust me she has never gone hungry in the living her life department but instead has grabbed every exciting moment she could.

I love you mom.


May 9, 2008 - 1:55pm


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