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is my mom.

Mom has been my staunchest supporter, biggest critic and best shopping buddy. While she enjoys incredibly good health for being a hair shy of 80, I have lupus and chronic issues. She says she is amazed at what I do; I'm amazed at how active she is.

Over the years, she has tried to make every practice, performance, game and important event for me, my siblings and my kids. She was the best Camp Master our Boy Scout Troop ever had when we went on a High Adventure trip. She has done a triathlon relay with my youngest sister, and several 5K and 10K events with me and my running team. In fact, it was because of her that I did my first 5K at age 50 - she was already a seasoned participant! She has gotten up before dawn to make sure I get to my starting lines, then greeted me at my finish lines - and I didn't start marathon running until age 53. Did I say she's just shy of 80?

While she hasn't always been the easiest for me to get along with, because we're both strong-headed, Mom is one of those people others love to be around because she can be so much fun and knows how to throw a party! Mom has a sense of style I've always envied; but she hasn't quite figured out that I'm really that much larger than she thinks I am, lol!

The most important gift Mom has given me is herself, and I just hope my kids will think the same of me, someday.

Thanks, Mom!

May 9, 2008 - 5:56pm


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