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When I was in middle school, I started to have vision problems. I often had double-vision and got headaches all the time. I was a straight honor-roll student, but as I got older my grades began slipping.

By ninth grade, things were really bad. I went to a very well-known & well-regarded eye doctor & he did not find anything wrong with me. So, my mom was persistent & had me go to other types of eye doctors elsewhere. It seemed as though every doctor said or did something different, but she never gave up trying to find out what the real answer was. One doctor said I was nearsighted, one farsighted, one said I was almost legally blind. She took me to eye exercise classes for about a year, which helped, but it was by no means a permanent solution. Then I did two years of glasses, and my mom took me back to the doctor about every four months to change my prescription to something stronger.

At this point, my lenses were huge & I was running out of options. My mom insisted that I go back to the original doctor I went to years ago & get checked out again. I really didn't want to go & it seemed like a waste of time. To my amazement, he figured out my issue this time & one month later I had had successful eye surgery that fixed my problem. I have my mom to thank for that. She never gave up on me -- or finding out the truth -- even though the road was very hard & frustrating for both of us.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

May 11, 2008 - 12:58pm


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