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You're a good advocate and a great friend to come to EmpowHer to even ask the question. And want to try to help her.

Sounds to me like she should see a urplogist. A urplogist is a doctor who could help her identify whetter or not she she has a bladder incontinence issue. I actually suffer from incontinence.

I'm much older then she is and mine started after having a complete hysterctomy. I couldn't dance without losing my bladder.

It's not fun to laugh and have to worry about feeling like you're going to wet your pants.

She may have a bladder that has fallen or its the way she's been anatomically made.

Its something she should have checked. Then based on the findings. There are many things she can do to help her situation.

Better to address it now then to wait until its so bad that she can't hold her bladder when laughing., dancing or sneezing.

This is not uncommon for women. But is less common in younger women, I suspect.

Lots she can do though. Finding a good urlolgist who specializes in Womens bladder issues is the first step.

Let me know if there is something else we can do to help your friend.

Best in health,


May 31, 2008 - 2:05pm


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