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That's a tough one. Your friend may be dealing with a passive-aggressive student if he or she exhibits any of these signs:

Intentional inefficiency
Avoiding responsibility by claiming forgetfulness
Blaming others
Fear of authority
Resistance to suggestions from others
Unexpressed anger or hostility

Psychiatrists no longer recognize this condition as an official diagnosis. However, the symptoms are problematic to many people and may be helped by professional attention, the National Institutes of Health report.

Associates in Child Counseling and Guidance say that it may be helpful to compliment appropriate behavior rather than criticizing inappropriate behavior.

Therapy could help the child get to the root of the problem which means addressing feelings of anger and hostility and unresolved childhood issues such as a disturbance in the child's relationship with his or her parent.

Has your friend talked with the student yet?

June 2, 2008 - 8:59pm


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