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What a timely question! On MSN.com today, there's an article on the risks energy drinks pose to teens.

I personally take energy drinks, but for specific reasons. I'm a marathoner and use energy drinks for either refueling or recovery (different drinks have different properties). What runners have to be cautious about is combining high-caffeine drinks with the high-caffeine gels we often consume on long runs.

I've not heard of combining energy drinks with alcohol, and the thought makes me shudder! To me, it would be like begging for a coronary arrest.

Energy drinks are not for everyone. I take issue with the sports drinks served at fast food restaurants because I wonder how many fast food consumers burn enough calories to warrant refueling. Serving them at fast food restaurants promotes the wrong product to the wrong consumer, allowing people to fool themselves into thinking they need the stuff, in my opinion. Take the sugar out of the fountain drinks, instead!


June 5, 2008 - 4:17pm


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