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Can you explain more about mandatory vaccines, because I thought vaccines were already mandatory for children and infants (in order for them to get into public school)...or, you can sign a waiver. So, even the "mandatory" vaccines are not mandatory if there is a waiver. How is what you are saying different, just in basic terms?

Sheri (& Kristin):
I understand there is some potentially scary stuff in vaccines, and the way products are made, from drugs to makeup, can be awful (with animal testing, etc.). But, I am trying to be a smart consumer of health, and trying to weed through the "scary" stuff to the facts. So, we know that vaccines work, and have helped prevent entire communities from infectious disease (think polio!). You are saying that the way vaccines are made is harmful to us and the environment. What is the alternative in your mind?


June 8, 2008 - 5:58am


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