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Thank you for your questions and comments. Let's look more closely at the impending June 10th issue. We can talk about the pros and cons about vaccines all day long and it won't matter because if we don't click on the link and send our letters now, we stand to lose our freedom to have any choice whatsoever.

Part of my job is to provide education (facts) regarding health issues. I don't usually impose my personal belief system on anyone. But since you asked, Tina, the answers to your questions are 'yes' and 'yes'. It's about health issues AND health freedoms. I will detail:

Most parents want to have control or the option to make choices for their child, as they do today. Some folks have been bullied into believing that vaccines have already been mandated....THIS IS NOT TRUE and IT IS CURRENTLY AGAINST THE LAW in the US for anyone to mandate vaccinations. Sadly, Veronica, you are not alone. And parents in NJ have been having an especially rough go of it. As it stands now, medical, philosophical and religious waivers are still legally accepted. However, if this billed is passed, waivers will no longer be accepted. Mandatory is just that---MANDATORY. NO EXCEPTIONS. NIL. NADA. NONE.

Veronica, your point regarding old vaccination programs is well taken, as we did have success in the 50's and 60's eliminating smallpox, polio and other diseases from our society in the US. That said, you may be interested to know that many more recent vaccines and drugs are FDA approved WITHOUT the benefit of the results of long term testing. Have we learned nothing from Vioxx, Bextra, etc.? Those aren't vaccines, but Gardasil is---Check the VAERS site for (tragic) reports on the side effects.

Even if you are still among those who believe that vaccination has a place in health, there is no place for unconstitutional and deadly mandatory requirements in health. 

The good news is, if you're in even reasonably good health, you may be better off treating a disease (if it were even contracted in the first place) rather than injecting virus strains into your muscles in an effort to 'head off' a virus that you may never contract or doesn't even exist within the confines of a given formulation of a particular injectable. We have actually created more resilient forms of viruses through this process (think Flu shot).

I was happy to see that you asked about the 'alternative'. More good news! The answer is as simple as 'a balanced lifestyle'. For some, this requires self-discipline and re-education. It's all about body, mind and spirit. Sounds cliche, but cliches are inspired by truths. When we are living in balance, our bodies are able to defend us from disease. The body is amazing. It wants to be well and it's never too late to do something to make yourself feel and live better. ANYONE can feel better and it doesn't have to cost any or much more than whatever your budget allows for now. Here are some basics:

• Good water - 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day
• Good air - air is still free! Breathe deeply to increase circulation and expel toxins
• Clean food - organic, hormone & antibiotic-free. This may cost more up front, but you end up eating LESS because you're getting more NOURISHMENT, spending less in the long run and even weighing less. Eat foods that are alkaline, not acid----acid creates inflammation.
• Maintain correct pH balance - acid/alkaline balance
• Get 20 minutes of sun per day - without sunglasses and early or late if you're sensitive. This builds up Vitamin D as well as your skin's natural defense system
• EFA's - essential fatty acids
• FSA's - fun, sweaty activities (walk, yoga, turbo jam)--have fun!
• Commune with nature - get outside!
• Laugh!
• Prayer, meditation, etc. to nourish your spirit
• Good, sound sleep - dark room, no TV

You may also be interested to know that your microwave destroys all nutritional benefit of your food. Microwaving in plastic outgases xenoestrogens (cancer-causing) into the food you are depleting your nutrition from---anyway you slice it, it's no good. So fire up the ol' cook top. You'll find it doesn't really take that much longer anyway!

If you'd like to know more, I am open to discussing this going forward.

Back to our deadline.....

We have been a trusting nation and have become complacent. We all need to do our homework. With all the resources we have today, it's easy to get good information.

Joanna, there's been a lot of talk and controversy about autism and it's link to vaccinations. It's always best to consider your sources of information....are they experts? As Veronica mentioned, there's a lot of 'scary stuff' out there. No need to be fearful...Knowledge is power! Sheri posted a comprehensive list of websites where you can do your due diligence on autism and other concerns. Thanks, Sheri!

Since you have a beautiful little girl, I thought you might be interested in reading a bit from a research document I wrote in March about Gardasil, another vaccine that will be mandated for girls starting at age 9 if this bill passes. These are the facts:

HPV is nothing new. The Human Papillomavirus is transmitted through sexual intercourse, which, if contracted, will usually CLEAR ON IT'S OWN within 2 years.

Here are some facts about Gardasil (HPV4):
Gardasil, developed by Merck, is an intramuscular vaccination licensed for use in females 9-26 years of age. Of the 100+ known strains of HPV worldwide, Gardasil is designed to prevent four of these strains---6, 11, 16 and 18. Of those four strains, only 2 are found in the US, and only 3.4% American women contract HPV.

Gardasil is administered in 3 intramuscular injections over a 6 month period.

The clinicals:
• Gardasil was tested on just 20,541 women worldwide ages 16-26.
• Less than 1,200 were girls under the age of 16.

The stats:
According to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), an agency managed by the USCDC and the FDA, there have been 7 deaths reported following Gardasil injections which are currently under investigation.

Side effects include asthma, fever, headache, pain, dizziness, fainting, collapsing, facial paralysis, seizure, skin problems, depression, neurological symptoms, tingling, numbness and loss of sensation in the fingers and limbs. Check VAERS for cases.

• Merck has not published any test reports for carcenogenicity (cancer).
• Merck has not published any test reports for reproductive capacity (fertility).
• Merck has not published any safety studies that it shouldn't be administered with other vaccines. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) claims Gardasil can be used in conjunction with other vaccines. VAERS has reports which negate this claim.
• Merck has not published any safety studies that it shouldn't be administered with other medications.

And this is just the beginning:
• How long will it last? It was only tested for 4 years. The 9 year olds who are receiving these injections have a long way to go before turning 39, the age when cervical cancer can start to show up.
• A 'booster' vaccination is already in the works.
• A vaccine for boys is in the works.
• Like other vaccines, Gardasil opens up the possibility/probability to create other strains of the virus which are more aggressive. The current vaccine will get rid of the weak, affected cells and the stronger will rise to the top. Have we learned nothing from the Flu shot?

Pharmaceutical Marketing; A History:
• Orginally intended to create products to capture the elderly, largely to treat pain.
• Has been targeting the middle age market since mid 1900's to take an average of 7 prescription drugs for life by age 40.
• The next market share of the pharmaceutical industry are TEENS.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations for HPV4 include:
• routine vaccination for 11-12 year-old girls
• catch-up vaccination for 13-26 year-old females
• girls age 9-10 may receive the vaccine at provider discretion

Insert information that no one is talking about:
Gardasil contains 675mcg of aluminum, a known Central Nervous System toxin. It also contains Polysorbate 80, which is reported to cause anaphylaxis on repeated doses.

The numbers:
• Gardasil means a $360 reimbursement for your doctor's office.
• Gardasil is currently estimated at a $1.4 Billion addition to Merck, and will add $17 Billion in revenue to Merck by 2017.

So that's the skinny. I usually stick to reporting facts, but since you asked for my personal thoughts, here goes:

• The thing that makes the question mark loom above my head about this whole thing is that condom use was never mentioned in preventing HPV. How simple is that? A condom! So, someone please explain to me why we would mandate a vaccine with potentially serious/fatal side effects for 9 year old girls who are probably (and hopefully) not promiscuously sexually active and have a minimal chance of ever getting cervical cancer, when the more likely concern is contracting genital warts. It's unconscionable! Albeit painful and inconvenient, no one ever died of genital warts. And besides, we know that a healthy immune function will help prevent viruses from manifesting as diseases!

• Furthermore, I realize that Merck isn't in the condom-selling business. And I don't begrudge them increased revenues. But to what end?

• According to a NY Times article published on May 21, 2008, "the U.S. currently enjoys the highest immunization rate ever; 77% of children embarking on the first day of school are completely up to date on their recommended doses and most of the remaining children are missing just a few shots."  We also 'enjoy' the world's highest rates of autism (currently 1 boy in 60 in New Jersey), pediatric diabetes, neurological disorders, MS, Asthma, Pediatric cancer, etc. If children really are our future, we are 'wasting' our future!

• You need to know that Flu shots contain 25 micrograms of mercury. ONE microgram is considered toxic. The gradual mercury and aluminum buildup in the brain causes cognitive dysfunction. Sounds like a recipe for Alzheimer's.

I could go on and on with this, but let's wrap it up. June 10th is coming soon and I want to get this posted.

Here's the bottom line:
1. If vaccines are mandated, it will mean that all current vaccines and ANY AND ALL FUTURE vaccines will be administered to your child at the discretion of the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices---meaning that YOU, as a parent, WILL NO LONGER HAVE ANY RIGHT to make decisions for your child.

2. According to this new law, if you REFUSE to comply, you could stand to LOSE YOUR CHILD AND GO TO JAIL.

If this isn't horific enough, there's more----

3. You will be responsible to keep records of all immunizations. If you lose these records, your child will be REINNOCULATED---All vaccinations all over again. It was alot of mercury (heavy metal) and other toxins for that little body to deal with on the current program. To have it all reintroduced into the system with even more vaccines than we have now is an enormous toxic burden on any body. And what about the 1 to 3 micrograms of mercury that the CDC now admits remains in all vaccines as an undisclosed "trace" contaminant? Joanna, check the AgeofAutism.com web site for the email exchange with CDC on this.

4. Another real concern is that we have no reason to believe that vaccination requirement will only be for children under 18. This will be a very lucrative venture for the pharmaceutical industry and we can expect future laws mandating ADULT vaccinations.  (This is of particular concern to me, as I've never had a flu shot in my life---and I've never had the flu).

Sounds pretty bleak. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. By not sending a letter, you will be possibly relinquishing your health freedoms and those of your children and many generations to come.

I hope that this information sheds more light and addresses your questions. Regardless of where you live, I urge you to go to:
to sign the New York letter
to sign the Tiburon Declaration against forced drugging and vaccination.

Please tell everyone you know and care about to do the same TODAY. We all need to become involved NOW. The deadline is JUNE 10, 2008. Stop this bill from passing so that we are able to maintain control of our own health freedoms and those of our children.

In best of health,
Kristin Mills, Traditional Naturopath, CNHP
Laguna Natural Health

July 5, 2008 - 6:06pm


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