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I'm sorry to be such a skeptic, but I wonder whether scare tactics really urge people to action? Where is the real research behind these claims?

Why are there references only to CA and NY, or is that because of your own geographic location?

Where do your recommendations, for example the nearly ridiculous amount of water consumption, come from? The body can only absorb so much fluid, and only about 4-6 ounces in 15 minutes; so, half one's body weight is unrealistic.

As I forewarned - I'm a skeptic, and I've not read anything in this "urgent" call to action to make me a believer.

Just my humble opinion, no offense intended. I understand you're a naturopath, but my own naturopath, whom I trust wholeheartedly, approaches all things with measured caution.

June 9, 2008 - 8:16pm


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