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The intention of my postings is to provide factual information. I am not in the business of using 'scare tactics'. Rather, my purpose for providing said facts is to dispel myths, urban legends and 'scare tactics'. That said, I understand how you could feel that losing your health freedom is scary.

It is.

As a suggestion, you could become better informed by going to healthfreedomusa.org and educating yourself about what's happening in the US regarding your health freedoms. There is plenty of research there for your edification.

While reading, you will learn that the reason I only referenced NY and CA is because those are the states which have impending issues. This is not about me, nor my location. It's about the big picture---preserving our nation's health freedoms.

Do not mistake my passion for the natural health community and preserving the health freedoms we enjoy today for anything other than what it is--my commitment to natural health and the community we serve.

As for the challenge you made regarding the water consumption recommendation, you are correct. The body can absorb 4-6 oz of water per 15 minutes. You should know that those numbers may adjust depending on the individual's current state of health. So, let's do the math. We'll use the example of a person in good health with no absorption issues weighing 128 pounds wanting to find their ideal water consumption recommendation: The easy answer is to divide by 2, which equals 64 oz. The formula for breaking it down in the 15 minute increments you mentioned could go something like this:
4 oz every 15 minutes x 4 times per hour = 16 oz x 8 hours in a day = 128 oz. divided by 2 = 64 oz per day.

How is that recommendation 'unrealistic'? Many people are awake and functioning more than 8 hours a day, so there's plenty of time to consume more and/or not hold oneself to a schedule of drinking every 15 minutes.

The math was calculated with 'measured caution' as we used a 4 oz calculation rather than a 6 oz (96 oz) calculation.

I don't know too many people who would or are able to stick to a rigorous schedule of drinking water in 4-6 oz quantities every 15 minutes, but it's a widely used guideline that is common knowledge. You also should know that it is suggested to drink more when exercising to compensate for perspiration.

I understand that you are a self proclaimed 'skeptic'. Please don't let that get in the way of making sound, intelligent and meaningful decisions. The law has declared their voting schedule. The deadline is today. Feel free to join us.

Kristin Mills, Traditional Naturopath, CNHP

June 10, 2008 - 3:37pm


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