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I would like to point out that not all smokeless tobacco is for oral use and Toque Snuff, a nasal snuff, has been proven to be 99% safer than smoking. Snuff is safer and more successful for stopping smoking than any other NRT, snuff 76%, patches 17% and gum 12%. With no known harm ever being recorded for nasal snuff, and the number of educated smokers switching to less harmful nasal snuff rising every day, it is reprehensible of these researchers of this article not to mention the safer Toque nasal snuff, the fastest growing NRT in America. This is madness, killing smokers by not informing them that there is another form of safer tobacco, is tant amount to murder. If every smoker in America switched to Toque snuff we would save 400,000 smokers lives a year.

I have to say that I question the intelligence of the Harvard researchers of such an article, Particularly when they say things like ``They are doing it because of the high profits, low taxes and the perception that these products are safer,'' and “ tobacco is tobacco is tobacco — it’s going to kill you no matter what. And we need to get that message out to the public.”, when medical associations of the caliber of the Royal College of Physicians and Cancer Research have provided substantial evidence to the contrary.

Professor Martin Jarvis, of Cancer Research UK: says that the health implications surrounding snuff use are significantly lower than smoking. "Studies show that the health hazards surrounding snuff are much less than cigarettes and the risk is approximately one per cent compared with the risks associated with smoking," he explains. "The reason for this is that by smoking you are setting fire to the products which causes their combustion. Snuff doesn’t have the combustion products which are carcinogenic and all the user is getting is the nicotine."

The late Dr Michael Russell, father of tobacco addiction research:
"Snuff could save more lives and avoid more ill-health than any other preventive measure likely to be available to developed nations well into the 21st century". "Switching from cigarettes to snuff could have enormous health benefits". Snuffing has two major advantages... Firstly there are no products of combustion such as tar, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen. Secondly it cannot be inhaled into the lungs, which eliminates any risk of lung cancer.”

Professor (Sir) Robert Peto, Oxford University, World renowned epidemiologist on smoking:
“If this or some other such habit were to become widespread and did to any substantial extent replace smoking (particularly of cigarettes) then the net effect would be likely to be a reduction in tobacco-induced mortality.

June 12, 2008 - 2:09am


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