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(reply to Optimist)

Hello Optimist: Thank you so much for your reply!!
Regarding my friends and replacement hormones - I only know of one friend's experience with the hormones. The doctors put her on estrogen after the surgery and it was then that she felt like she was going to loose her mind so she took herself off of it and has felt wonderful ever since. That was 30+ years ago. Now that was just one person's experience and should not be taken as the norm. But again at 46 I have not wanted children so what would be the negative part of going ahead and having a hysterectomy when I am custom of having cycst on my ovaries (also my sisters have had cycst & to the point where they have burst). Was your friend's horrible experience right after the surgery or ever since? And I am one of those women who cannot take birth control - talk about mood swings, whew definitely not for me. Maybe because my body produces to much estrogen by itself???

Thanks again for the feedback though

June 13, 2008 - 4:34pm


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