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Well, as a proud desk walker- I say that is the best of all worlds as long as you do it right. I walk a steady 1.5 mile an hour 5 incline barefoot for 6-8 hours daily while doing work from home. I have a desk that is at the perfect ergonomic height for standing while working, and your husband should make sure his is right for him, it should be so that your display is directly in front of you eyes, so there should be no bending of the neck while you read or type, also the keyboard should be so that your elbows are at right angles and your wrists should not bend backward to type (no carpal tunnel). Walking (and to a lesser extend standing) helps to pump blood to your body, making you feel more energized (no 230 slump) and the extra oxygen to your brain has actually been proven to increase productivity. You specifically mention joint pain, actually the lower back should experience less stress on joints when standing or walking vs sitting, the walking should also other joints become more lubricated. There is also proof that being sedentary can increase the risk of dying, even more than fitness alone. As for sitting vs standing, I would definitively recommend standing, but if you had the option of a treadmill you can try the walking thing for the cost of a piece of plywood and two c -claps (how I had it set up when I first started walk-working.)
For more information you can check out the Trekdesk website (though like I said you don't have to go for the name brand to have the benefits of walking while you work, though if you decide you like it I would consider putting in the investment.)

April 7, 2010 - 10:48am


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