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"If the only differences between black, green and white teas are the length of time they are brewed (thus fermented, right?), why does black tea often have caffeine and green tea does not? Caffeine occurs naturally in tea leaves, right?"

Fermentation is not a brewing process. What determines the type of tea (black, oolong, green) is the degree to which the leaves are allowed to go through the process of enzymatic oxidization, or drying. There are different degrees of fermentation: full, semi, light (or none) and even post-fermentation. Black tea is the most fermented, or fully fermented, while white tea is not fermented.

Brewing is the process of steeping tea in liquid, typically water. You can actually cold brew tea.

Caffeine is a natural property in tea leaves and it apparently depends upon where on the stem the leaf is located.

Stash Tea has great information on the caffeine content of tea in comparison to other caffeinated beverages.

June 25, 2008 - 4:31pm


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