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Alison, I cannot tell you how much I welcome this post and sometimes I'm shocked at how much dysfunction is tolerated in work environments. I'm so sorry that you had a bullying employee. And I honestly have to say that the New York Times number of 37 percent may be a little low. I would say about half the people I know have been very vocal about being bullied at work and I assume others have probably been quiet.

I think one of the most important considerations for people who are being bullied is not to fall into what a relative described to me as 'scarcity syndrome' -- or thinking that there are no other options. There are plenty of jobs available for hard-working team players. I know it's hard to stay optimistic under those circumstances, but the reality of it is there are plenty of other options available. And life is too short to not enjoy at least 40 of our waking hours.

July 1, 2008 - 2:17pm


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