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#8 was so very true at one particular client site. I loved my job. I was on a small team of people with whom I had worked before, plus we are good friends and trust each other's skills implicitly. We had handful of exciting, cutting edge projects for which I had been hired for my special expertise.

There was only one problem: a permanent full-timer who had been moved from one department to ours because she had nowhere else to go or be laid off. Our new boss, a new Director with the company, didn't know her history and accepted her without question. He later expressed regret that he never asked the important questions (did she have the skills and qualifications, how well she worked with others, etc.). This woman whined, complained, tormented, bullied - you name it! She was extremely jealous of my experience, expertise and the respect I had nearly instantly gained of the "powers that be," and did everything she could to make my life, and my buddies' lives, miserable. But, HR and our Director were afraid to touch her for fear she'd try to sue (who cares on what basis, she's a female/minority).

We all ended up leaving. She's still there and completely destroyed everything we worked so hard to build for the company. It's really sad, and I got wind that she bad-mouthed me to a new guy in the company who has some influence in my professional circle. The good thing is that I still have my influential allies who knew me at that company.

Moral of the story: bullies really can't win. You may end up leaving a job you love, but you go to a happier place, while the bully remains stuck in her own mud. It doesn't take too long for people to see her true colors and the bad karma simply follows her around. It's always best to just move on and be done with things.

July 1, 2008 - 4:35pm


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