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Unless one lives relatively close to work, it's not easy to opt to commute on your bike. Our local newspaper carried a story on how a lucky few are able to do it, one even drives across a busy highway to park where he can safely bike the rest of the way - a whole 8 miles. Another has mostly trails to follow and a shower at work. Downtown, our newest cycling shop started by our local cycling hero (7X Tour de France winner) has showers, a cafe and a place to lock down for a small fee. That's great, if you live and work in the downtown area.

I make a 32-mile round trip down busy roads to my client site. There's no safe route, no matter which way I've mapped it. Plus, with temps in triple digits, it doesn't make any sense to try a bike commute.

And, like I said: this is Texas. Everything is spread out, there are still huge vehicles on the road and our particular area, in spite of all the cyclists, pro and otherwise, is NOT cycling friendly! Go figure.

There are pockets of enlightenment; I just don't live in one of them, as long as I have to make this commute. My commute used to be 20 steps - down my stairs to my home office, lol! Now, that's a commute I really like. :)

July 2, 2008 - 4:22pm


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