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When my period started on a workday, I would muddle through until I could go home and shut the world out. On the weekends, I would lock myself in my home and not come out. I would sleep for as long as possible and eat everything in sight. I would cancel dates and plans with friends because I did not want to interact with anyone. I wanted to injure anyone who tried to touch me.

I had debilitating PMD. I did not want to be on birth control pills because I had the misconception that it would only mess up my hormones more. The funny thing is that I work in healthcare communications—I had the answers at my fingertips but was too embarrassed to say anything until it was out of control and I had already made a life-altering decision.

Now I am the pill. I feel better.

Thanks for sharing your story.

March 26, 2008 - 6:09am


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