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My sister's Neurologist stated, " she probably had symptons of the disease two to three years prior to coming here", the AD patient becomes quite skilled at hiding it as long as they can. There is great shame with this disease. It is very exhausting for the patients to do this. Downtown Phoenix (Banner) they are doing great studies/research and have great resources now for EOAD( Early) or LOAD (Late Onset). However, while she was more alert there were no studies in her age group (50's)for EOAD but there are now. However, she is not able to be in a study now with rapid declining health. She now is in Hospice transitioning toward the end of her life and disease. FYI we can't locate a first generation family member with AD. Perhaps a great, great, Aunt who they said, " died of old age." It is quite perplexing. Blessings, Sunny

August 18, 2008 - 7:22pm


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