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Belly Fat and Dementia

By March 28, 2008 - 8:17am
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A study released Wednesday says that those who carry fat around their waists may have a higher risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.

For me, this is a little bit difficult to swallow. I don't want to dismiss the inherent health risks that come with carrying extra weight, but do want to get your thoughts on how this relates to brain function? Does anyone agree or disagree with this theory? What has been your experience?

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Thank you for sharing your story. We often hear about husbands and wives dealing with EOAD, but rarely about siblings.

My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

August 18, 2008 - 7:17pm

My sisters condition started with forgetfulness and then she did the classic thing, she got lost coming to my home of twelve years. We have always been close. Living near each other and we raised our children together. She knew where I lived. It was surreal and unsettling beginning. It began our journey through the health care maze together. Me, a loving little sister who just happened to also be a Nurse and her #1 advocate. As for the family; in the beginning their was a lot of denial. I can't say how many times the local AD chapter has helped us with resources and information. I also volunteered there at one time. We did the AD walks together. Additionally, her care is managed by a group of Physicians who over see everything ( Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Internal Medicine, OBGYN, Dental ) Support groups , Clergy and counseling seemed to help family members who struggled with her diagnosis. Over time now ( 5 years) they have depended more on me for future answers and outcomes. She currently resides in Hospice and is in the end stages of the disease. She asked me to tell our story. I try to help as many caregivers as I can that I meet in the public and at work. It is a disease that is catastrophic for the entire family.

August 18, 2008 - 7:11pm

This is from myjournal that I have been writing about " two sisters journey with Mr. A. (Alzheimer's) " I hope to write a book someday.

We are six years apart, almost seven. I am the short, skinny, blonde child and she is my only older sister. She is beautiful her hair is the color of caramel apple and she has hazel green eyes with flecks of brown. She has always kept a close eye on me while growing up in a very small town located in Arizona. It all started on our annual girls weekend. We had been planning it for weeks.. you know checking each and every detail with those early Saturday morning ritual phone calls. I got up early, showered , dressed and packed my bag and kept waiting for her to arrive at my door. Two hours passed, then three, then four.... She was not answering her cell phone at all and knowone was answering at her home. I left two messages there. I was beginning to having that anxious panic feeling inside as minutes passed by. I thought to myself, oh no, an accident where could she be? When finally, the door bell rang. There she stood, frail looking, frazzled and really not herself. I grabbed her for a hug and said, "where have you been sis, I have been so worried?" she grabbed me tight and said, " promise, you won't tell mom or dad" I said," okay..goofball. lets pinky promise." She said, " I dont know what happened before I knew it I was traveling west towards Disneyland on the freeway instead of coming East like I always do to Gilbert" and she began to cry. I said, "oh no, don't cry, you are safe now, but you silly girl you know I don't live in Disneyland.. we live in Gilbert?"

August 18, 2008 - 7:00pm
EmpowHER Guest

Something was going on with my body and come to find out it was my thyroid gland who was the trouble maker. My so called belly fat wasn't going away no matter which edit (diet) I was on just more belly fat happen. I had trouble concentrating, and dealing with stress! Even the doctors was saying on set of DEMENTIA.... I went to one last doctor who I know would hear what I was telling her! Most don't have time to hear you or just don't care because remember they know your body better than you. A simple blood test and my thyroid was to blame. Please don't let them label you as having dementia or you're just fat.... Find A DOCTOR WHO WILL HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING ABOUT YOUR BODY! You know you best!
Health and Blessing

August 15, 2008 - 1:55pm

Thanks Sunny. Yes, while extra weight may be a factor for AD, every case needs to be evaluated on an individual basis. Can you share your experience about your sister and her early onset? Can you explain how it has affected your family and how you're dealing with it from a medical, financial and emotional standpoint? Thanks.

August 15, 2008 - 11:13am

I share my story about my sister and sometimes and speak in the public. I try not to make it all doom and gloom even though at times it may feel like it is! It has been said that ," what is good for the heart is also good for the brain". Carrying around a bunch of belly fat is not good for many diseases - it's unhealthy! However, my sister has Early Onset AD (EOAD (age 52 diag.) , she was very thin and never fat in her entire life. So I think you have to evaluate this on an individual basis as each person who get's AD may exhibit things differently. I have kept a journal about our experience together and hope to write a book someday . When a patient is diagnosed with AD, there is no longer just one patient but the entire family. I call it the trickle down effect. Because everyone is effected by the experience. The thing with theories and research is they change sometimes. So you have to read them with an open mind. Remember when coffee was bad for you and now they say you can have 2 cups a day to keep your brain sharp. The same with dark chocolate. Although if you eat excessive amounts daily of chocolate you exceeded the health benefits and purpose.

Blessings of Health

August 15, 2008 - 10:28am
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