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Do you or someone you know have Alopecia? If so, please share your experiences

By Expert HERWriter April 19, 2009 - 11:24pm
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Hello everyone,

I was doing some reading tonight on Alopecia, an auto immune condition that makes the hair fall out, and I was wondering if any of our EmpowHer posters might be dealing with this condition, or if you know someone who is.

It's a condition that I had heard of before, but I wasn't sure why it would cause hair to fall out. Turns out the body essentially attacks its own hair follicles, leading to baldness.

I have heard of this happening to women, men, and kids. A friend of a friend has a young daughter who is completely bald, and she contends it's from the vaccines her daughter received as a baby.

In adults, it seems to be caused by a variety of things including stress. One article that I read said Alopecia will typically resolve in six months, but in the case of the little girl it's been years. And I'm thinking that if you are completely bald that has got to be extremely stressful, maybe even more so for women than men. Just because it's not that unusual to see a bald man.

If you have or have had Alopecia, do you know what caused it? And if it's cured now, what do you think made it better? If you know of someone who had it, I'm also curious to know what you heard about it from your friend of family member. What is it like to be bald in a society that seems to love hair so much? Please post your stories--I'd love to learn more about this condition! Thanks so much, M

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EmpowHER Guest

yes i have alopecia areata i was first diagnosed when i was 16 and i will say I WAS NOT STRESSED its not from stress there is an unknown trigger that makes our hair fall out n then grow back n then fall out again! i have never died my hair never had any treatments nothing!!! i lost nearly all my hair and had to wear wigs for over 2 years n then my hair grew back and its been really good... until tonight im now 22 and ive just found 2 new patches starting back up again!
i have tried everything from diet, to having over 18 cortisone injections injected into my scalp which hurt like hell, applying topical creams, consuming special protein powders, trying every vitamin possible, taking relaxants for my so called "stress" that wasnt there.... ive done it all so anyone who is so simple minded as to say its stress friggen come say that to my face and any little girl who has doent even no what stress is!!!!

January 4, 2012 - 5:40am
EmpowHER Guest

I am a dark African American woman who finballly had to come to terms with having alopecia. I had worn a small bush/fro from my 20's until about 5 years ago. I noticed my hair thinning on the crown. Not having used chemisals for decades, I did not inow the cause. I had thought the cause of my mother's sickness and ultimate death caused stress. After going to my dermo. and using creams, having injections and etc. for months, nothing helped. He finally told me about the alopecia. I have not been able to stop it, even, with diet changes. I resuolted to wearing a wig. The rest of my hair has thinned and I always had had thick, thick, althought short hair all of my life. I have know been told that my hair will eventually be all gone and I will have a head as smooth as my husband's. I have cried and cried thinbking that I will have to be a wig olady for the rest of y l ife. The dermo says there is thoning that can be done.

April 22, 2009 - 9:12am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

im sorry for your hair loss. I had alopecia 3 years ago , I was 21 years old and my hair is still thinning. I took steroid injections , and it seemed to help.

October 10, 2009 - 12:43am

Well....I personally now all to well..In most cases hairloss is related to diet stress medical issues and imbalances in the ph.... with every single client i met with we start with diet nutrition and ph testing....Autoimmune disorders are the bodys way of attacking itself to get our attention that we need to change our lifestyles and make healty choices thru food choices supplements and the proper hair and skin product lines....i myself was diagnoised with an auto immundisorder which cause MAJOR hairloss in my 30ies..now 40 plus i hav designed a healthy revolutionary way to help clients suffering with hairloss issues by properly cleansing the scalp with essential oils nutrients and stabilizing the bodys ph.... remeber this disease means the body is at "DIS EASE" and is asking for help thru our hair skin and nails.. Please visit me at www.newyourevolution.com and send me an email for more info...xoxoxo hairdoctk...recreating lives since 1988...

April 20, 2009 - 5:39pm
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