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How to get rid of REALLY bad period pain?

By March 7, 2010 - 12:47pm
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Over the last couple of months my cramps have gotten worse and worse, to the point where I can barely walk. This is a very big problem because sometimes I can't even get out of bed the pain is so bad. The only thing that seems to work is 3 ibuprofen, a very warm heating pad, and sleep - all together. This is fine for weekends and nights, but I need something that will help during the long run, and most of all at school. I don't want my period to stop me from living my daily life. If possible, please also recommend something to help a rather heavy flow. Thank you!

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Raise your legs while lying on your stomach and put a heating pad where the cramps are, watch some Netflix or TV to distract yourself

July 20, 2015 - 6:56am
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I cannot cope with my pain anymore, I can't take tablets , I can't even move never mind do exercise. I'm not sure what kind off side effects come with birth control pills either

November 1, 2014 - 8:59am
EmpowHER Guest

I have them really bad to I tried walking and moving my body that seems to help me

October 20, 2014 - 8:10am


I used to get really painful periods, too. I missed one day of school almost every month even after starting prescription pain medications. The only thing that helped me was taking birth control pills. It took a few months to work, then it worked every other month or so, and now I barely have any pain at all. Just one ibuprofen and I'm good. I would highly recommend this option to anyone with painful periods!

March 8, 2010 - 12:50pm


Alison gave you some great info, and I just want to second her opinion that this really needs to be checked out. I had the same problem you had -- cramps that just got out of control over a period of time -- and it turned out I had endometriosis causing the pain. After a laparoscopy to get rid of it, my flow was much reduced and my cramps were almost gone.

Please, have this checked into. Living like you are is so difficult. And it may only get worse until you get a good diagnosis of what's causing your pain and heavy flow.

Will you get it checked out, and come back and update us?

March 8, 2010 - 12:20pm

Have you talked with your doctor about your symptoms? Many women experience painful periods, but if they are interfering with your life (not being able to get out of bed), then you may have a condition called dysmenorrhea (you can read more: EmpowHER encyclopedia: Dysmenorrhea.

Don't be alarmed by the term, as it is just a word meaning "painful periods", and can be caused by many different factors. Depending on what is causing your painful periods and heavy flow, your doctor can diagnose the underlying cause(s) and provide you with treatment options based on your diagnosis.

Especially since this is something relatively new that has been increasing in severity over the past two cycles...this is reason enough to call your doctor (or, see a doctor at your school health center). Anytime you have new symptoms, symptoms that do not go away, or symptoms that become worse over time...these are reasons to have a medical evaluation.

There are two types of dysmenorrhea:

* Primary dysmenorrhea—painful regular (ovulatory) menstrual cycles; the pain is caused by utrine muscle contractions caused by high levels of prostaglandins produced in the lining and body of the uterus after ovulation.
* Secondary dysmenorrhea—painful periods due to an underlying condition, such as endometriosis (a condition involving the lining of the uterus or womb) or infection, that can begin at any age

Regarding your heavy period, there is also a term for this called menorrhagia. Menorrhagia is excessive and/or prolonged menstrual bleeding at regular intervals. Although about 30% of women have heavy periods, only 10% of women have menorrhagia.

Symptoms include:
* Menstrual bleeding lasting more than seven days
* Unusually heavy bleeding (soaking through a sanitary napkin or tampon every hour)
* Menstrual flow requiring change of sanitary protection during the night
* Menstrual flow including large clots
* Menstrual flow interfering with lifestyle

Here is one additional resource that may help you:
- EmpowHER Article: How to Know if Your Period is Normal

Do these symptoms relate to your situation, or do you feel that you fit into categories of having "painful periods" and "heavy flow" that do not meet the medical definitions of "dysmenorrhea" and "menorrhagia"?

We can definitely help provide you with some information to help ease your pain and discomfort, but I strongly recommend having a medical evaluation to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

How do you feel about all of this?

March 7, 2010 - 2:22pm
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