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When I wake up it feels like my organs are being/have been crushed...?

By December 6, 2009 - 9:44am
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This happens just about every morning, but the sensation only lasts for about 10-30 minutes after I wake up, or until I forget about it. I'm 18, 5'9" and weigh ~140 pounds. I've been known to have breathing problems (asthma in the past, I took medication for it, then I began to have new breathing problems, they rediagnosed me as MISdiagnosed, took me off the asthma medication, and now I'm not on anything but my symptoms have decreased). Also, it doesn't seem to be a full bladder problem, as I go to the bathroom just before bed, and don't really have to go when I wake up. I generally sleep on my side, but my sleeping positions really vary (I never sleep on my stomach, though). I just thought it was some form of sleep apnea, because my mom used to say that I would breathe very slowly in my sleep. What do you all think?

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EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

This is for anonymous in Florida,
I live in Florida too I also I cannot sleep in my bed or any bed for five years now. I sleep on the couch and I have no problems. But when I sleep in my bed I wake up with I call it the SPINE CRUSHING issue.
It feels like my entire insides organs etc. are swollen and my spine is about to crumble. Well, now I'm feeling it waking up on my couch !!
I was wondering if you found any answers in Florida. I don't know where I'm going to sleep tonight . The pain is so excruciating in the morning I can't even let my dog out because I can't move .
Please help if anybody has any advice.
And it does not have anything to do with your breathing/apnea at night I've had a sleep study and it's perfect.
Please help I want to sleep in my sleep number bed again ! I bought a sleep number so I could change all levels of the bed and none of that works.

December 21, 2016 - 7:20am
EmpowHER Guest

im having that problem too, im 15 5'4 and 116 pounds. It's like a weird pain in my lower abdomen though. At first i thought that it was my period but i shouldn't have gotten my period yet.... im not pregnant either... S if you think that you have any ideal on whats going on feel free to say your opinion..

October 1, 2011 - 6:04am

So, this might not explain things for everyone, but I think I've recently found an answer! I've recently been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst on the right side, and the pain woke me up last night on the left side. I've had strange side effects the past few weeks: I thought I had a bladder infection (and antibiotics didn't help the side effects), but apparently it was just the pressure of this cyst pressing against my bladder and urinary tract. It seems to me that these cysts not only come and go as they please, but also have a variety of strange side effects. If any of you are still feeling this kind of discomfort, ask your OBGYN about it the next time you go!

November 15, 2010 - 12:57pm
Expert HERWriter Guide Blogger (reply to lunalovegoodlvr)

lunalovegoodlvr - Thanks for the update. It must feel good to have this information. There are several different types of ovarian cysts and you may find it helpful to review this information: http://www.emedicinehealth.com/ovarian_cysts/article_em.htm

November 15, 2010 - 6:15pm
EmpowHER Guest

Hi there I think I am having something similar to this, intermittently for the last few years, but a lot in the last week or so, leading me to search for this.

With me the area is on the left hand side of my chest just inside my lowest rib. I would have described it as almost having something stuck in my rib or as if one of my organs was being just about held in place with the sensation that it might pop up between my ribcage and my skin and float around like a ping pong ball under my skin. Wierd I know.

For me this is a discomfort and an annoyance, I used to get it during the night and could never figure out if I had dreamt about it or not as there was no pain just an uncomfartable feeling. Gonna see how it goes for a few days and see what my doc thinks then,


July 20, 2010 - 10:55pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

That's where your spleen is, can be common after infections. If it gets painful and more constant can be mononucleosis.

July 21, 2010 - 1:27am
EmpowHER Guest

I've had that since 2000 after an illness, never went away.

July 19, 2010 - 4:00pm

Wow, I kept thinking I was alone in all of this!
I think we all should remember to tell our doctors this next time. Report back if/when you find anything out from them!

April 15, 2010 - 8:39am
EmpowHER Guest

It's Talia again. I forgot to add that I feel swollen. The Doc has found swelling in my leg but is not sure why. My lupus test only came out around 12 per cent for inflamation. The Doc couldn't drain the fluid because it would not come out. She tested me for ever thing but that was before I got this new topic I wrote in the previous box. I wanted to wait until my leg was crumpling again before I go to the rhumetologist. I also wanted to mention that my mom has lupus and there is rhumetisim on both sides of my family. One Chiropractor suspected I had juvenile rhumatisim. I have had strep and bronchitis at the same time. I don't take anti-biotics. I believe I got those ailments on many occassions. I've had osteo arthritis since I was ten. I do fill very stiff in my middle when I awake. I also sleep in all ways. I'm not sure if any of this is related.

April 14, 2010 - 9:12pm
EmpowHER Guest

I'm so glad I came across this, not really sure what it is but for approximately two years I have been telling my family I feel like myself and organs are being squished. I figured it was probably fibryalgia. I haven't noticed any pattern but it usually happens almost every morning. The most I've been without it is a wk in a half. My whole torso hurts! It's very painful I can barely move! It often wakes me up. It takes effort to get up. I feel better after showering. I have great support so I don't think it is my bedding. If I don't try to urinate before I accidentally fall asleep I usually have kidney/bladder area pain that lasts for almost a few hours. Other wise my back and chest usually hurt. I also have been told by a Doc that I do not breathe right but why would I feel like a buch of weight has been crushing me now. I am 27. I apparently couldn't breathe right at 14. I am also a female. My dad also has sleep apnea. I've wondered this myself as I have a lot of symptoms except the main one of being over weight. Oh but yesterday I was woken up to a side ache! I can't find any thing on that. Thanks for any info. Talia

April 14, 2010 - 8:47pm
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