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Stress and menses

By August 5, 2010 - 11:23pm

Hi All,

I am new here. I just want to know if a short bout of stress can cause menstrual delay...
And if signs of ovulation could be misleading...

This month, my partner and I had several intense 'evaluate the relationship' kind of days. There was no violence. There was no verbal violence either, but lots and lots of tears. He was trying to decide to leave or not...a word- he doesn't speak English and from an Asian culture- was a monk until last year, and I am his first love at 39. We have been together for nearly two years. He is a very good person and an amazing partner. I am a single mom with a seven year old artist, astronaut, genius, dancer, horse riding daughter extraordinare!

Everything turned out great regarding our relationship troubles. This was a three day stretch of stress. He was just scared I wouldn't commit to a life-long marriage. We talked it out and we are fine, in fact, better than before...he has been hopping around on cloud nine and I am cozy and happy and feeling so much better! I am just really really tired.

No, I am not anemic. I eat enough veggies and beans and whole grain bread to be fine. My last RBC was 14.3. We are mostly vegetarian. We do eat eggs and drink milk but not everyday. I am normal weight and have lost a few pounds this month.

I am also earning my TESOL certification and am up late with studying. My daughter is learning to sleep in her own room; late nights and go rounds with her. Also I have been having stomach issues and not eating well-though this is resolving thanks to my doctor. Nothing severe.

My last menses was on July 11. I ovulated on the 22nd.
Can one have ovulation mucus and it be misleading? On the 22nd, I had my normal gloppy yellow goo which I take to mean I have ovulated. My partner and I have been using contraceptives carefully- condoms only- which is fine if I get pregnant.

I was expecting my menses on the 5th. For me, it's the 6th today. My partner and I have had intercourse several times this week, after which, each and every time I spot. This means I have been spotting since the 3rd. The spotting wasn't enough to see and it usually lasts for several hours; I noticed because I wiped. The bleeding stopped by the end of the day. Today, nothing. No cramps, no craving for fried anything, just feeling so very tired.

The tiredness is the only thing that has been there for the last couple of weeks. I feel exhausted. I just can't get enough sleep. Walking through town is really hard. I huff and puff and feel like I have leaden arms and legs.

We did have unprotected sex on the 27th, 9 days before my expected period. My cycles are between 23 - 25 days long.

So, what do you think? Could I be preggers or just too much stress?

I have had cycles that were normal even though I didn't sleep well and had stressful go-rounds with him. One month, I had surgery and still my menses came on time. I don't have PCOS, no cysts, no STD's. He does have HEP B, but I am vaccinated against it.

I really don't know what to think, am I just getting older?! Am I just nuts?!(I wouldn't be surprised! LOL) I don't know what to think.. ideas? Intuitions?

Warmly and with gratitude for your time and caring,


By August 6, 2010 - 8:16am

Wrong forum, I am sorry! And everything turned out okay!
I guess my body is changed now from cycle to cycle...there isn't a predictable normal anymore...which is now the norm!

Thanks ladies..

August 6, 2010 - 8:16am

Group Leader

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