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BHRT for Age Rewind: Feeling & Looking Younger! (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement)

By February 21, 2014 - 2:52pm

First, let's clear up what BHRT means; bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, medication that is biologically identical to what your body makes. A lot of hormone meds are made of pregnant mare urine, called 'equine', yuck! Compounding pharmacies make it from plants into the form of a lotion, applied to wrist daily, viola! Love it!
Now, why do I say "age rewind"? Quite simply, it makes you feel & look younger! Your body is kinda 'tricked' into believing you are younger than you are. That is due to the fact that almost everything in your body is controlled by your hormones, they send the 'messages' telling your body what to do. (I know, you realize that sometimes it is not your brain...lol)
Hormones tell us how much weight to carry and where to hold it, (i.e. our belly and but-thigh).
Maybe it is easier to just list some of the major influences they have, it is soooooo much more than sexuality! Energy, metabolism, insulin regulation, sleep patterns & deep sleep ability, muscle tone and strength, our mood (as if we don't know that), the endorphines in our brains that make us happy instead of sad, cortisol levels being released from stress, our confidence, ambition, motivation, enthusiasm for life...our bone density, regulation of blood pressure, pain management, cartilage in joints...hmmm, before I forget, it affects our memory, to help with forgetfulness, mental clarity, ability to learn.... It even affects our skin, preventing thin skin and producing collagen & elastin to limit wrinkles! True!
Think about it, people in their twenties can get away with eating junk food and less effort on working out to get results; they also don't have wrinkles; they are less likely to have high blood pressure or diabetes or brittle bones; they have more energy! It begins with the hormones, which is the first thing you start losing at about 30 or 35 years old. Then, the rest of the body begins declining too. We run out of the 'fuel' that keeps our bodies going...keep us young & vibrant!
So then, if your car runs out of gas and it is sputtering along, you replace it, right?
How about you? You are low on hormones... are you going to keep sputtering along?
Well, not me! I am closer to 30 than 60, and feeling & looking younger everyday.
I will hit the "rewind button"..."pause button"... until the day I can't "play" anymore!
I FEEL GREAT! I think it is Your Turn to Be Young Again!
The only place I know that doesn't charge hundreds of dollars for a consultation, is
Program 27. (855) 339-3200
I will be posting medical research to support these statements every week day.
If there is an impact in this you find particularly intriguing or unbelievable, ask me. I will show you proof! Hope to hear from you soon.....

By April 7, 2015 - 1:16pm

looking for more updated information. thanks for sharing.

April 7, 2015 - 1:16pm

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