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My Menopause Your Menopause - Here is my Experience, What's Yours?

By April 5, 2015 - 9:42am

Hello All,
Right now going through Menopause... Actually I got three different diagnoses from the same gynecologist all in one visit - 1. Postmenopausal (like that of a of a woman in sixties or eighties - not a woman in her seventies, just sixties or eighties), Menospausal, and finally Premenopausal. At that time I was still menstruating and my doctor was confounded at how I could have the levels of a Postmenopausal woman yet still be menstruating. My doctor casually tosses across the desk HRT at me. I express that I would like to try the natural route because of side effects and family history including my own. Also, I go as natural as I possibly can when using Any product, whether it be in my home or on my body. The risks are reiterated to me and I am told I will begin bleeding again, But, if it works I'll "be back in three months for more." I have never been a drug user (no judgement on anyone who is or has been), but I felt like I was talking to a dealer. Visit over. I do not take the pills. The little box sits on my bedside table, I look at it defiantly and begin my natural hormone diet. Just before going on this diet, I should add that I notice that my underarm odor has changed, my husband - that I find VERY handsome and VERY Sexy, remains so, but my body does not respond, I am as dry as an Arizona desert. In about two weeks time I gain about 50 pounds going from a size 2 to 4, to I have no idea what size. I eat extremely healthy, and most recently have no appetite but lose no weight. In fact, the weight on my body takes on a life of it's own redistributing itself at whim. Finally a few months later (seven days ago) I begin taking the HRT because the hot flashes are so bad I feel like I am on fire. Literally on fire. The accompanying profuse sweat that my body produced to put out said fire was clearly not enough. I am sometimes drenched in sweat, and yet when I look in the mirror I am still a burning bush. For the last year I have become quite isolated due to unrelated reasons, now, I have become completely isolated. I am so fatigued most of the time, all I want to do is sleep. In fact, I could fall asleep right now.I take all the vitamins and supplements that pertain to my symptoms, I do the Detox Diet, and Nothing. Everything is still the same.

Just a few days into HRT, I begin to feel better! Not as many hot flashes or other symptoms, but, I now have a Raging yeast infection in various places on my body. However, still would prefer to be allowed the option of trying Bio-Identical Hormones which my current doctor refuses to prescribe because supposedly they are the same, they have no medical evidence to back them up. OK - so since I have to take other medications that interfere with the efficacy of the hormone pills, I ask if they dosages can be adjusted. My doctor says no, and also say that the same goes for bio identical. Then proceeds to prescribe something which makes my yeast infection worse, and what was prescribed for relief also makes it worse. My skin is now completely raw, even on the tops of my thighs, making it very painful to walk... it's painful just to lie down.
Any differences Between HRT and Bio Identical? Anyone else get a yeast infection after starting HRT?

What's a woman to do?

About two or three days into HRT I develop

By April 9, 2015 - 9:50am

wow someone who explains my exact situation except I am still on no pills. would love to share support with u. hope to hear from u.

April 9, 2015 - 9:50am
By April 5, 2015 - 9:53am

It's me again, Forgot to add some symptoms like memory loss/fogginess (I have an excellent memory so this is a big one for me), some Depression but much less after beginning the HRT... UNTIL THIS YEAST INFECTION.
But, what I really wanted to stress is that I was looking forward to embracing this new phase of my life Naturally if possible. All the women in my family went through this without a blip. I think it can be a wonderful time of renewal and reinvention with the right support.

April 5, 2015 - 9:53am

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We're a group devoted to the education and support of something that will happen naturally to all of us at some stage: menopause. No longer called things like "the change" in quiet female-only groups; menopause is a normal stage of life that signals one part of life leaving, and a potentially fantastic one marching in! Some of us will need help, support and advice during this time, and some of us have lots of it to give. Light-hearted or troubled, we can swap experiences and stories, post questions and worries - all within a compassionate community that offers professional resources. Any woman, from 18 to 80, can benefit from membership! Let the fun and friendships begin...


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