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Intuition...What Is It? By Julianna Lyddon, M.C.

By Expert June 10, 2009 - 1:21pm

Intuition lies within each and every one of us. It is part of the mystery of the human experience. I believe our intuition is part of our spirit. It is the part of ourselves that quietly tells us when something isn't right...that nagging feeling in the pit of our stomach that helps us detect danger or that little voice that tells us to pay special attention just when we need it most. Our intuition is one of our greatest assets as human beings. When we take the time to heighten this sense, we begin to tap into a deeper part of ourselves and our journey becomes more full and rewarding.

Can you think of examples when you used your intuition? What were you doing? How did your intuition show itself? I encourage you to ask yourself these questions and begin to awaken your intuitive gifts. Intuition is just that, a gift we all possess. It's time to unwrap it and expose its wisdom.

How do you begin to open this "intuitive door?" I believe the most important first step is to become more aware of the mind/body connection. Do this by paying attention to what you are thinking and watching how thoughts manifest in your body on a physical level. Our body absorbs all of the thought pollution we create each day. This pollution builds up in our body and creates blockages. Taking quiet time to build this connection with our mind and body lays the foundation to become a more intuitive person. Make the time to listen with quiet compassion. Begin to see yourself as the beautiful mind/body/spirit that you are!

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