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Dr. Valerie Gold-Neil

Dr. Gold-Neil has worked in mental health for over 30 years and a therapist in private practice in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, California for over 22 years. She conducts relationship workshops for women and couples. Additionally, she has expertise in substance abuse and chronic illness. Dr. Gold-Niel is a certified Metta Mentor and coach, with advanced training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Imago Relationship Therapy which complements her work with Metta 4 All.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is an highly accepted program used to promote awareness of mind/body experiences related to primary medical complaints, emotions and thoughts and their effect on health and stress reactivity. The program in complement with Metta coaching promotes coping skills, stress reduction, intrapersonal conflict resolution as well as an overall sense of well being.

Dr. Gold-Neil has worked with women and health problems extensively. She was the Executive Producer of “An Invitation to Listen”, a 45 minute video depicting the effect of HIV on women and their families lives. HIV: Women’s Voices was the first program in Orange County, California and was founded and directed by Dr. Gold-Neil. The program was discribed and referenced on prime time television, radio and in regional newspapers. Her accomplishments in Orange County, Ca include co-chairing the first focus group on Women and HIV, spear-headed the first HIV Women’s Task Force and the first HIV Women’s Conference.

Dr. Gold-Neil, Phd. is a compassionate practitioner, educator, and researcher. She was the recipient of the Humanitarian Award by the Elections Committee of Orange County, Ca.