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AUDIO: Dr. Mao Shares The Life-Changing Accident That Moved Him To Practice Medicine

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They, I am sure they mean well, and I am sure their intentions are there and they have been trained to do so, but there’s too little time, and the whole practice of medicine today is dictated by insurance companies. And, so it’s not so much I think what really ought to happen, which is listen, be empathetic, try to relate, understand and connect with your patients on that level, and then, as much as possible ask the patient what they can do and what they are willing to change to help themselves get better.

And I always say this to my students at Yo San University. This is a school of Chinese medicine that my family founded 20 years ago in Los Angeles, and this is what I tell my students, okay? Disease is a symptom of life out of balance, and so when someone comes to you with a condition, a pain or a real big health challenge, whatever might be, it is the body crying out, all right? And it is the soul alerting to you that they are not happy, and they are not, and so this is something to really awaken in the patients so that they become aware of that. You know, disease is a way that your soul, that your body communicates to you to let you know that your life is not balanced or you are not happy or whatever it might be, that you need to look at. And so, ultimately as healers, we not only take away their pain and relieve patients’ suffering, but we also help patients heal their lives. So we become facilitators and that’s really what gets me excited and wake up every day to come to work.

Sure, well, he is Dr. Maoshing Ni. His newest book, “Second Spring”, it’s Dr. Mao’s hundreds of natural secrets for women to revitalize and rejuvenate at any age. Now if you want to hear more about Dr. Mao, there’s got to be, what do you think Mao, probably 20 interview clips and a bunch of audio and also a great interview with Dr. Mao about his book, “Second Spring”, on this website. Dr. Mao, thank you so much for helping us empower women.

Dr. Maoshing Ni:
My pleasure.

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