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"A UK-owned company based in London, 360ict is an industry-leading IT support company with over a decade of managed services experience. Our mission is to deliver the same IT managed services infrastructure used in large corporations to small and medium enterprises at an affordable and manageable rate. We bring a range of IT capabilities within reach of companies that wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to leverage them. Our services are per-desk and not restricted to a defined equipment list or software inventory and are simple and affordable in terms of budgeting. We can also work as part of an in house team, where we would typically be allocated to an area of responsibility. We deliver our expertise with 40+ IT and business experts with an ever expanding portfolio of enterprise class IT services, such as:

-HR Systems and Support
-Printer Fleet Management
-Cloud and Data Centre Solutions
-Office Refurbishments
-Computer Room Build
-Broadband/Fibre Provision
-Mobile Communications
-Risk Management
-Financial Systems and Compliance
-System Sales"

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