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Emperor Zhengde, wearing a winged dragon crown and a round dragon robe, came out of the inside with a smile, walked quickly down the red lacquer wooden steps of the imperial chariot, picked up Yang Ling, and looked him up and down with pleasure. The two of them held each other's hands, their faces full of joy, and the dense snow was flying like butterflies in front of them. Zheng De laughed loudly, shook Yang Ling's hand vigorously, and said only: "Go, let's go back.". Zhengde finished, took Yang Ling's hand and turned away. Yang Ling was surprised and said, "Your Majesty!" "Boarding the chariot!" Without saying anything, Zhengde pulled Yang Ling side by side and walked back to the imperial chariot. The curtain of the Yellow Dragon was so carried. With a wave of his hand, he said, "Drive back to the palace!" A large group of people turned around in the same place and returned to the capital. Steadily to the capital, Yang Ling and Zhengde sat side by side on the bright yellow satin dragon couch, only to see the two knee-deep conversation, from time to time came bursts of laughter. The generals on horseback with their necks on both sides were envious, but none of them were full of criticism. Is it possible for anyone to make the contribution of opening up territory? If anyone can recapture the Hetao Plain from the Tartars, it will be a great achievement. What's more, he persuaded Duoyan Sanwei to make the land of Liaodong return to the Ming Dynasty and get the Jinshan Mountains from the Waci people, which opened the passage to the Western Regions. Is there a second person with such achievements? The civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty, as well as the imperial relatives, all went out to greet the emperor. The emperor personally went out of the capital for twenty Li, and returned to the capital with the Duke of Wei in the imperial chariot. People could afford such an honor. The welcoming ceremony was extremely grand. It snowed all over the sky. The nine gates of the capital were open, and the city was full of people greeting each other. Yang Lingfeng returned to the capital in style and went straight to the Golden Palace,tube lip gloss, with a special order to avoid kneeling in front of you and give a seat to the Dragon Court. Yang Ling sat down on the chair and took a look at Jiao Fang. Jiao Fang nodded imperceptibly. Yang Ling was secretly relieved. Want to open up the far north frontier, not the body of the prince, enjoy the power of arbitrary, lead the independent army can't get things done, but with soldiers outside, it is the king's taboo, so Yang Ling want to step by step, the first step is to rely on merit for the prince, the second step is to persuade the emperor. There were only two kinds of endings for the kings with different surnames in the Ming Dynasty. One was to be the king of Xiaoyao who had no right to be a soldier in the capital,cosmetic tube packaging, such as Xu Da, and the other was to be enfeoffed in the eyes of the imperial court to guard the frontier in a place far away from the eight wastelands, such as Mu Ying. The problem was that according to the emperor's feelings and reliance on him, he would never be allowed to go to the frontier fortress. If someone else asks for the title, it is tantamount to encouraging the emperor to banish him. You should know that most people in the imperial Dynasty did not know anything except China. In their eyes, apart from knowing the name of the North Sea (Lake Baikal) through the story of Su Wu's herdsman, they only had the impression that it was extremely cold, desolate, uninhabited and barren. In short, that is the place where savages and sinners should stay, rambling about sealing a prince, sealing an emperor does not go, go to drink the northwest wind? That kind of emperor is not as good as Zhao Wanxing, the emperor of Dashun, who ruled more than 100 people in the town of Shengfang, Bazhou. But do you take the initiative to ask for a seal? Just because everyone thought it was a hard job, who would believe that he was going to be a savage king instead of letting his children and grandchildren enjoy a happy life in Beijing? The man must have been disloyal and intended to collude with the barbarians to rebel. I'm afraid even the emperor will have this idea. This is the difficulty of not being understood and trusted by the emperor and the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty. Before Yang Ling returned to Beijing, he had already told Jiao Fang to use his power to start the action. First, he asked a small six-grade supervisor to write a letter to list Yang Ling's unprecedented merits in opening up territory and asking him to be named Wang Jue. Test the civil and military reaction of the Manchu Dynasty. Seeing that the voice of opposition was not loud, custom cosmetic packaging ,eye cream packing tube, officials with higher ranks were dispatched to step up to the level. The opposition of the officials is low, because Yang Lingli's merit, is really after the founding of the meritorious minister has never founded the country, and his original merit is big enough, want to go further, in addition to the king also really have no other way. Of course, the most important thing was that the emperor, who could not hide anything in his heart, was not sophisticated at all, and the officials had not yet made a statement. He jumped out first, waving flags and shouting, and applauded. The present court. Do you think there is anyone who is too full to mind this matter? Yang Ling knew about it before he returned to Beijing. To inquire about Jiao Fang, I was just worried about any temporary changes. Sure enough, after the emperor's praise, Wang Hua, Minister of Rites, coughed and stepped forward to take out a table from his sleeve. Read aloud.
Enter the table to count the emperor's virtue, Yang Ling's merit, and finally cite the story of the king who had this merit in history, and request to follow the merit of Jin Wei Guogong as king. These are all official articles. The civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty had long been clear, so the officials prostrated themselves and asked for the seal in unison. According to the old practice of the Ming Dynasty, the emperor's son was granted the title of prince, and his own prince was granted the title of county king; only two achievements were possible for those who had different surnames to be granted the titles of king, one was to open up territory, and the other was to save the country. In spite of this, Zhu yuanzhang conferred the titles of six different surnames: Xu Da, King of Zhongshan, Chang Yuchun of Kaiping, Li Wenzhong of Qiyang, Deng Yu of Ninghe, Tang He of Dongou and Muying of Qianning. After his death, he was given the posthumous title of Wang Ye. But this is not a problem, because it is up to the emperor to decide whether he can be king or not. The reason why it was difficult to seal the king was not that the courtiers were unwilling, but that the emperor did not want to seal the king. Otherwise, at the beginning of the founding of the Ming Dynasty, officials were eager to seal a few more princes with different surnames. Even if they could not seal the king, at least the person in front of them would rise one place, and their own titles would follow.. Long one level What kind of idiot would stand in the way? To this generation, the Duke has more than a few when the founding of the country, not to mention numerous, at least is not very valuable, Yang Ling's achievements now, alive should also be the king. As a result, the emperor accepted the presentation, Xuan Yang Ling received, and the Duke of Wei was promoted to be the King of Wuwei. In history, in the last generation of the Ming Dynasty, the princes of Qin, such as Prince Sun Jinyi, Prince Li Dingguo of Jin, Prince Liu Wenxiu of Shu, King Feng Shuangli of Qingyang County, King Bai Wenxuan of Gongchang County, King Ma Hanzhong of Hanyang County and King Zheng Chenggong of Yanping County were granted the titles. Now, because of the birth of Yang Ling, the little butterfly, these princes and kings with different surnames had no chance to appear, but the first king with different. Zhengde stood up with a smile and said,plastic laminated tube, "Yang Aiqing, once I was able to take back Hetao and Duoyan Sanwei and open up the vast land around Jinshan and Baersikuo Mountains, which is really an unprecedented achievement. Aiqing's promotion to the rank of king is also widely expected.". emptycosmetictubes.com

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