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December 3rd, 2010 began my first day of full recovery from a 15 year battle with bulimia. Writing my personal story and equipping myself with necessary tools to focus on life outside of and beyond the eating disorder has brought a joy, a freedom, a contentment that I was skeptical of every tasting in my lifetime. I hope to be a positive leader in the eating disorders community once I hit my one year anniversary mark this year. Blessings to all of you, wherever you are in your journey of recovery.

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Milwaukee, WI USA


"Life itself is the proper binge." - Julia Child "God loves you just the way you are, but he refuses to leave you there." "Life is a series of beginnings...that bring us closer to the realization of our dreams." "I wish for you to be happy and to reach for the best...for what is happiness, if not to believe in and follow one's dream." "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." "Opportunity does not knock. It presents itself when you beat down the door. Don't wait for life to happen. Take action and live now."

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