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He is a writer for a healthy and beauty magazine that tackles about natural and modern way to maintain the youthful beauty. In her one article he talks about how stress, pollution and even our facial products could speed up the aging process. According to her, these factors make the lines appear in between eyebrows and forehead. This is the reason why many undergo Forehead Lift cost which makes those lines invisible and bring back your youthful glow.
Another cosmetic treatment he talked is about mostly for children - otoplasty procedure or ear correction surgery. Unusual ear shape or size could cause bullying among kids and these could lower their self-esteem or confidence. This procedure could reshape or reduce the size to be in proportion of your face. According to her, these treatments could boost your self-confidence and also could make a good impression to people. Living a healthy lifestyle could make and feel good about yourself and also extends our life span. Also according to her, engaging in stress-free activities could reduce the lines in your face. Although cosmetic treatments are the most popular today, but changing your lifestyle could make a huge and significant difference in how you see yourself. For her, when you start to love yourself, people will also start to.

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