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My story is more about emotional health, than it is physical health, although needless to say - my emotional health has had great impact on how I feel physically and the health of my family! I work with flower remedies, a practitioner to naturally reverse the negative emotional, behavioral, and negative thought patterns that dont serve us, that hold us back - ourselves and our children. I found it through a trauma and when my Dr./homeopath wanted to make me a "flower remedy" I thought she was nuts! I was a strong woman with too much on her plate and was on the verge of a breakdown....I believed it was a xanex moment! But I was wrong, and the blend she made me, which was customized to meet my own particular needs, was so profound, it changed my life, the life of my family and I want to bring it to all in the US!

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Marlboro, NJ USA

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Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. William James

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