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My health story begins when I turned 11 and first started getting my period. My period has always been very regular heavy at times and long usually more than 7 days. When I turned 11 and started my period my hair began to thin extremly fast. My mother took me in and we had tons of blood tests taken and a scalp biopsy done. The doctor had found scarring under my scalp that was causing my hair to thin, nothing tramatic has ever happened to me to cause this scarring. Well years have gone by and my problems are just getting worse as I get older. When I was 30 I went to the doctor feeling horrible, was very overwieght, high blood pressure, horrible acne, very oily skin, and hair very bald on top of head. My doctor finally dicovered that I had PCOS Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was put on birth control and Metformin which has worked somewhat.

At the present I am back to stuggling, I am financially in a hole and am on medicaid at the moment trying to find a good job with insurance, at time I can have up to a 300 dollor co- payment before medicaid picks up anything. I am feeling very sick, periods are hard on me heavy and long I have tried the strongest birth control and just recently started to bleed though that pill and was having major swelling where my ovaries are. I had to stop my metformin just because I could not afford it, which has caused my wieght to go up 30 pounds already, so not good!!! Three years ago I had a laporoscopy done beacuse I was having bad pains on my right ovary and of course to add to the list I have Endometriosis and had an adhesion holding my ovary down. As of today I am starting to hurt badly again pain was better on birth control but was still hurting.

So this brings me to my current circumstance I am so sick, anemic, my whole body aches on a daily basis, and if I am not sick with a cold or just run down I have my period I feel there is just never a break. I have a hard time keeping up with daily life and working a full-time job. I am a single mother to a 12 almost 13 year old and was very lucky to have had her. I now wear wigs, shaved my head 3 years ago just was so tired of not being able to cover my male pattern baldness anymore. I was currently set up to have a hysterectomy on Oct. 12th 2011 but went in for my pre op and had Pneumonia, just went to the doctor again yesterday(Oct. 26th 2011) and my lungs are finally clear, so trying to reschedule my surgery. I am still not sure if this will help me feel better, It is planned to be a vaginal hysterectomy and my doctor needs to go in and look at my ovaries, my right side is a mess and hurts so bad especially now that I am not on any types of birth control, so not sure if I will keep that side of my ovaries.

I am scared I already planned for this surgery being off of my crappy daycare job, just very scared of surgery and the unknown what if it makes other things worse. I know this will not cure my PCOS but holy cow I would love not bleed anymore and maybe have some energy. Just so tired of not getting enough answers either way it is a gamble, tired of not being healthy and unable to live life. :( So sad here in boring Bismarck, North Dakota!!!!

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God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference. JUST WHEN THE CATERPILLAR THOUGHT THE WORLD WAS OVER IT BECAME A BUTTERFLY .

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